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Compass ⊘

Travel Navigation Tools Classic

Discover the most beautiful and functional free compass app designed for iPhone, iPhone X, and iPad. With its rustic, simple design, this app provides instant access to your location, altitude, and orientation.

Key Features

  • Stunning Rustic Design: A visually appealing, straightforward interface that complements your device.
  • Instant Location Data: Quickly determine your location, altitude, and orientation.
  • High Accuracy: The app relies on device sensors for precision, best used away from strong electromagnetic sources.


User Testimonials

  • Dr. Nishanth Thoppil: “5 stars - An exceptional app, 100% accurate. I use it as my professional tool. Love and respect this app.”
  • Abruna: “5 stars - Performs flawlessly with an impeccable graphic interface. The compass I use the most!”
  • Mohasinp: “5 stars - A must-have app for knowing directions. It’s awesome.”
  • TrevorT1961: “5 stars - A handy little app that I’ve used for quite a while without any issues. Very useful!”
  • Popeye, SF Bay: “5 stars - Great for boating. Helps me assess wind/rain impact on mooring lines, serving as an early warning system.”
  • Whitofok: “5 stars - Easy to use and elegant design.”
  • rsdman532: “5 stars - Reassuring to know I won’t get lost with this ingenious app.”
  • The Real Templar: “5 stars - Perfect for those who love antique-looking compasses.”
  • Moon water 62: “5 stars - Very handy for hiking with my grandsons.”
  • Red Newt: “5 stars - Easy to use, elegant design. Matches my ship perfectly.”
  • Greewa: “5 stars - Great for setting up my 350QX3 drone.”
  • jacquelyn_wilderman182: “5 stars - Use it every day.”
  • Icuff4cash: “5 stars - Great app, use it at least once a week.”
  • francesca_tromp1663: “5 stars - Love this app.”
  • Davedecs: “5 stars - A good tool to check against a standard compass.”
  • Jas.T: “5 stars - First-class app for fun and practical uses like positioning a new home.”
  • Ashraf K C: “5 stars - Perfect compass, accurate to even 1 degree.”
  • Ijdeluxe1: “5 stars - Great for real estate, helps show house directions accurately.”
  • DirtDawgGolfer: “5 stars - Super easy to use and accurate. Great for spotting the Space Station.”
  • PCHamilton: “5 stars - Enjoy this app, used it on several occasions and am pleased.”
  • Jay surati: “5 stars - Useful for religious activities and hiking.”
  • Xafra13: “5 stars - Handy for finding wind direction at the touch of a button.”
  • jkw625: “5 stars - Love having access to a compass anytime.”
  • Emserstr: “5 stars - Excellent, easy to use, beautiful graphics.”
  • Spatiallysound: “5 stars - Awesomely accurate and functionally superb.”
  • puhalla: “5 stars - Good basic compass.”
  • Dave Holloway: “5 stars - Useful for travel directions. Great to have a compass on hand!”
  • DodoMue: “5 stars - Accurate and helpful, a great tool!”
  • Abruna: “5 stars - Performs as expected, beautiful and straightforward.”
  • Danemom1955: “5 stars - Works well and looks great. Love it so much, installed it on my phone too.”
  • Fuzzyrc1: “5 stars - Proved north direction in a swamp and won $20. Cool graphics and works well on the go.”

Experience the elegance and functionality of Compass ⊘. Download now for your iPhone and iPad!