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Welcome to Imaginatr, merging crisp design, powerful applications and creativity.

Imaginatr is a creative independent studio focused on the development of mobile applications and innovative software.

Featured Apps
Free Level HD

Free Level HD Turn your iPhone or iPad into a wonderful bubble level. No more crooked picture frames.

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Free Compass HD

Free Compass HD Simple and clean high definition compass for your iPhone and iPad.

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Ideatron The brainstorming tool for your needs. Tap to generate ideas and let your creativity do the rest.

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Cubimon The logic game to test your mental skills and response time. Try to save all cubimons as quickly as you can!

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Santa is High

Santa is High Tap on Santa to make him jump as high as possible.

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Featured Reviews

This is a great free app! All iPads come with a built in compass, but there's no app that uses it (or at least directly, because the maps app technically uses it). This apps is free and is EXTREMELY accurate! No complaints here!


Free Compass HD user

I am very surprise with the precision of this compass, I compare it with an analog compass and they match pretty well. I recommend this application for you!!!


Free Compass HD user

My Favorite Game.


Cubimon gamer

Never judge a compass by its needle. I thought that this app was going to be inaccurate, but it was actually very accurate and looked beautiful.

Grant Kurtz

Free Compass HD user