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Simple and beautiful rustic style compass now in your iPad and for free.

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un app molto carina disegnata bene e funzionale do 5 stelle per lo stile

Won sai

Free Compass HD user

This is a great free app! All iPads come with a built in compass, but there's no app that uses it (or at least directly, because the maps app technically uses it). This apps is free and is EXTREMELY accurate! No complaints here!


Free Compass HD user

This is a great tool when you traveling to new areas. A quick click and you know which way is north. That always helps prevent you from getting lost.


Free Compass HD user

I am very surprise with the precision of this compass, I compare it with an analog compass and they match pretty well. I recommend this application for you!!!


Free Compass HD user

I find this compass app to be more than satisfying...operationally. The four choices of style are smart and beautiful. Sometimes the readings are not consistent between magnetic north and true north; perhaps that is only because a degree of magnetization exists in my IPAD cover. I do recall having some ads appear now and then; but today, there are no intrusive ads at all on the screen. I like my compass.

Rick Mancuso

Free Compass HD user

App store description accurately describes what you get and for this reason I cannot understand the previous low reviews. This app is exactly what is shown and does a great job of this one simple task that it says it does.

Heath & Heather

Free Compass HD user

Never judge a compass by its needle. I thought that this app was going to be inaccurate, but it was actually very accurate and looked beautiful.

Grant Kurtz

Free Compass HD user

This is a lovely app. Simplicity is the key. I have used this with my scouts as a large demonstrator.


Free Compass HD user

You get what you see. Surprisingly accurate but doesn't beat a real one for accuracy. Simple and easy to use but might not be usable in the bush.

Dad some

Free Compass HD user

Simple, visually attractive, accurate

Ace and Volley

Free Compass HD user